Monday, December 31

Dr. Lasker in France

Dr. Lasker has spent the waning days of 1912 on tour in France, and word has reached us of successful and well-attended exhibitions by the Champion in Marseilles, Lyons, and Paris.  The following sprightly conclusion delighted the spectators at the Doctor's Lyons engagement on 26 December.

Lasker - Mouterde

30.Rxh7+! A pretty surprise.  30...Qxh7  30...Kxh7 is answered by 31.Qh5+ Rh6 32.Qf7+, with mate on the following move.  31.Qd4+ Re5 32.fxe5 Rxe5 The alternative 32...dxe5 likewise fails, the continuation 33.Qd6 Rg8 34.Qxe5+ Rg7 35.Rg5 being but one of several winning lines for White.  After 33.Qxd6Black resigned

Then, yesterday, 30 December 1912, the Champion played an off-hand game vs. Janowski at the Paris home of the well-known chess patron M. Leo Nardus.  Dr. Lasker emerged victorious after surviving some rather difficult moments, a phrase that we recall having written again and again in the past when describing the Champion's play.  We are pleased to present the score of this game to our readers, and equally pleased to see Dr. Lasker once again in action: to our knowledge, this is the first game he has played against a world-class opponent since his Championship match with Janowski two years ago.


We close with best wishes for 1913 to all our readers.