Tuesday, March 26

Vienna Jubilee tournament, Round 4: Spielmann defeats Tartakower, retakes sole lead

Rudolf Spielmann defeated Dr. S. Tartakower in a fourth-round battle between the two players at the head of the score table at the Vienna Jubilee chess tournament, once again establishing himself as sole leader of the event.  Spielmann, who appears to be in excellent form, has now recorded three and one-half points from four games played.  In the day's other contests, Arthur Kaufmann registered his first victory of the competition with a win over Dr. J. Perlis, while the games Schlechter-Schenkein and Löwy-Reti were drawn.

Scores after 4 rounds: Spielmann 3 1/2; Tartakower, Schlechter 2 1/2; Löwy, Reti 2; Schenkein 1 1/2; Kaufmann, Perlis 1.   

We continue to present to our readers all game scores that we are able to procure from this tourney, and express our particular regret at the absence of the Spielmann-Tartakower encounter from these pages.  Today we offer the bright win by Kaufmann over Perlis, in which White via 21.Ne5, leaving his Queen en prise, inaugurates an irresistible attack.


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