Thursday, November 22

Splendid endgame

We present a first-rate endgame from an off-hand game won recently by Mr. J.R. Capablanca against Mr. A. Ettlinger. Young Mr. Capablanca, a native of La Habana, celebrated his nineteenth birthday earlier this month. He possesses a natural talent and attractive style. With some study and application, he may well make a fair name for himself in the chess world.

Black is for choice, but no easy means of making progress is apparent. Mr. Capablanca, however, accomplishes this task brilliantly: 1...Nc4 2.Nxc4 (if 2.Nf1 Rf7 3.Ke1 Rxf1+) 2...dxc4 3.Rxc4 Kd5 4.Rc8 (on 4.Ra4 Ke4 5.Ra3 Rg2 6.Ke1 Rxg3 wins) 4...Ke4 5.Re8+ Kd3 (Black's King assumes a menacing position.) 6.Rxe2 fxe2+ 7.Ke1 (Here Dr. Lasker writes, "At this moment one would suppose that White could secure at least a draw. The actual termination is therefore a great surprise.")

7...Bc7 (Threatening mate.) 8.Bf4 Ba5 (Again with a deadly threat.) 9.Bd2 f4! (A beautiful winning idea.) 10.gxf4 Bd8! White resigns. 0-1. The deadly check on h4 cannot be prevented. Black's play would do credit to a master.

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