Wednesday, March 12

Dr. Tarrasch in Italy: Naples; German Master wins brilliant game to conclude tour; Defeats team of consulting players with problem-like final move

Dr. Siegbert Tarrasch, in Naples, concluded his Italian chess tour in brilliant fashion, producing a first-rate simultaneous performance and defeating a strong team of consulting opponents via a problem-like final move certain to appear in future anthologies of beautiful chess. The Doctor, last seen in action at Bologna, received a warm welcome from his Neapolitan hosts, and on the 8th inst. faced 16 opponents in simultaneous play, yielding only a single draw to Prof. Davide Marotti, a player of near-Master strength. On the following day Dr. Tarrasch took on a team of four consulting opponents led by Prof. Marotti, the others being Signori De Simone, Napoli, and Del Giudice. The performer brought a hard-fought contest to a sudden and beautiful end with the striking interference move 31.Bc7!, a conception of which any problem composer would be proud. The consultants resigned immediately, there being no defense to the threatened checkmate. We publish the game below, with a diagram at the critical moment and a few comments based on those by Prof.Marotti.


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