Monday, February 11

City of London Chess Club Championship

The preliminary round of this event, featuring a large entry of 36 strong players divided equally into three all-play-all sections, is now complete, with the three highest scorers from each section qualifying for a further final tourney.  Qualifying from section A are Messrs. H.G. Cole, A.J. Davidson, and R.C.J. Walker; from Section B there have qualified Messrs. G.A. Thomas, W. Ward, and H. Jacobs; while from Section C the newcomer to the English chess scene Herr Edward Lasker, along with Messrs. O.C. Müller and R. Loman, have advanced to the final. All players will begin afresh with a clean score in the Championship event, upon which we expect to report as results arrive.

The following game was played in the third preliminary section.

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