Wednesday, May 28

Brief hiatus

We take this opportunity to announce a brief hiatus in the appearance of this column. After laboring on a near-daily basis for approximately one and one-half years we find ourselves in need of a pause in which to recoup our energies and refresh our spirit, and trust that our friend readers will not begrudge us such a respite. Accordingly, our next appearance is scheduled for two weeks hence, on the 10th of June.

In that interval the world of chess will, as always, continue to turn. We have received word of a match about to begin between English stalwarts Yates and Thomas, and there is talk of arranging an encounter between Teichmann and Marshall at Berlin as the latter travels westward from St. Petersburg. Teams from Berlin and Prague are likewise preparing to do battle in a few days' time, while this morning we received a packet containing a selection of games from the recently-concluded Championship of Catalonia, a marathon 16-man, double-round affair. On all this, and more, we shall report upon our return. Until then, our best wishes to all.       

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