Friday, May 9

Roy T. Black is New York State Champion

Roy T. Black is the New York State Chess Champion for 1914. Readers may recall that Mr. Black and Mr. Jacob Rosenthal, the 1912 title-holder, tied for first place in the Championship tourney in February, after which a play-off match was arranged. Mr. Black won the first game of that play-off; the second was annulled amid controversy arising from a defective timepiece. Mr. Rosenthal subsequently declared himself unwilling to continue the play-off match, a position from which he has refused to budge despite all attempts by both his opponent and the tournament management to persuade him to return to the board. Mr. Black has thus been awarded the title without further play, and adds the New York State crown to his current Championship of the Brooklyn Chess Club.

In the absence of additional games from the play-off, we offer to our readers a bright miniature won by the new Champion in a recent Metropolitan League match between the Brooklyn and North Jersey Chess Clubs, a contest won by the former side by the score of 5 1/2 - 2 1/2.

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