Wednesday, February 12

Black wins Brooklyn Chess Club Championship; Defeats Schroeder in dramatic clash

Roy T. Black has captured the Championship of the Brooklyn Chess Club for the fourth time in six years, reclaiming the title after a two-year hiatus. Black scored 10 1/2 points from 13 games in the Championship tourney to finish full two points ahead of Manfred Schroeder on 8 1/2. The decisive encounter between Messrs. Black and Schroeder proved a most thrilling affair, and is widely considered one of the finest battles ever contested at the Brooklyn Club.  In it, Mr. Schroeder, as second player in a Center Counter Game, sacrificed first a Knight and then a Rook to inaugurate a fearsome mating attack. Mr. Black in his turn found the only possible defense, counter-sacrificing his two Bishops on consecutive moves to stave off immediate disaster. The result of these violent transactions left Mr. Black an exchange to the good, but by no means out of danger, as Mr. Schroeder, disdaining a possible draw and still in hot pursuit of the White King, continued his fierce assault. The game reached its climax at the 36th move when Mr. Schroeder, on the attack and with two connected passed pawns in return for the exchange, advanced 36...g2?, overlooking the cunning trap laid by his opponent on the previous turn. Mr. Black immediately sacrificed his Queen via 37.Qxd7+!, a sudden and unexpected blow forcing checkmate in three more moves. The contest, which the reader will find appended, does great credit to both players, and will provide many hours' entertainment for those of an analytical bent.

The notes to the following game are based on those by the winner.


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