Saturday, July 24

Hamburg - Free day

The first week's play is complete, and the names at the top of the table - the veteran Schlechter, with five points, and the rapidly rising youngsters Niemzowitsch and Duras, with four each - should offer no surprise to a knowledgeable follower of the game. The seasoned campaigner Marshall also scored four points from six games, but the withdrawal of Jacob, announced today (see below), will cost the American a well-earned victory. Spielmann, who has played so well of late, may perhaps feel a bit disappointed in his even score, while Dr. Tarrasch certainly cannot be satisfied by his position at the bottom of the list. Among the newcomers, Alekhine has demonstrated that he possesses a powerful if somewhat untamed imagination, while Yates is still struggling to earn his spurs. It is a pity that Yates' lone win so far will likewise be wiped from the slate by Jacob's departure. The tournament, however, is barely one-third complete, and much time remains for all to seek to better their score.

We are sorry to report that Master Jacob, who has been complaining of nerves and insomnia, has, as noted, withdrawn from the tourney. We wish him well: the strain of Master chess is great indeed. As Jacob had played less than half the scheduled number of games, his score will be canceled. Thus Marshall, Tartakower, and Yates, who had all defeated Jacob, each lose a point from their total, while Alekhine, Forgacs, and John, who had drawn with the departed Master, lose a half-point each. Any player who was scheduled to meet Jacob in the coming rounds will now instead enjoy a bye on the day his game was to have taken place. We give an adjusted list of scores after Round 6, reflecting the effects of Jacob's withdrawal. Those names marked with an asterisk (*) have not yet had the bye, and so have played one more game than those whose names are not so adorned.

Adjusted scores after Round 6: Schlechter* 5; Niemzowitsch*, Duras* 4; Salwe*, Dus-Chotimirsky* 3 1/2; Marshall, Forgacs, Alekhine, Teichmann*, Spielmann* 3; Tartakower, Kohnlein* 2 1/2; John, Leonhardt*, Speyer* 2; Dr. Tarrasch* 1 1/2; Yates 1/2. The tourney resumes tomorrow.

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