Wednesday, July 21

Hamburg - Round 4

Today's round was less decisive, though no less hard-fought, than the previous one. Four of the five draws extended past the 50-move mark, with the Teichmann-Leonhardt encounter reaching the remarkable total of 122 moves before the Masters agreed to terms of peace. We look forward to more full-blooded encounters in the coming days.

Forgacs, as White in a Queen's Gambit Declined vs. Jacob, sacrificed the exchange for two pawns. He later annexed a third, but could not turn his material advantage to account, the activity of Black's Rooks in the endgame proving sufficient to hold the balance.

In another Queen's Gambit Declined, Marshall defeated Salwe with some fine endgame play.After 19.e4 Kc6 20.exd5+ Nxd5 21.Na4! it became apparent that the unsupported position of Black's Knight would soon cost him dear. The game continued 21...Ra5 22.Rc1+ Kd6 23.Nc3 Rc8 24.b4 Rxc3 25.Rxc3 Rb5? (25...Rxa2 offered the only slight chance) 26.a4 Rxb4 27.Rcd3 Rxa4 28.Rxd5+ and White won.

Tartakower essayed the Gioco Pianissimo vs. Schlechter, who steadily outplayed his young opponent to record his fourth successive win.

In Yates vs. Speyer, a Four Knights' Game led to a Rook endgame and, in the end, a draw.

Teichmann and Leonhardt likewise drew, as noted above, after a marathon 122 moves in a Ruy Lopez. The last 85 moves saw Teichmann attempt without success to convert his extra pawn in a double Rook endgame.

Alekhine employed the Vienna Game vs. Kohnlein. The second player seemed to have the better of the Rook endgame, but finally could not avoid the draw.

Tarrasch and Duras drew quietly after 30 moves of a Queen's Gambit Declined in which the Czech Master played the Doctor's favorite 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 c5 against him.

John's remarkable adventures continued as he blundered badly vs. Dus-Chotimirsky in a heavy-piece ending. White met the threat of ...Rg4+ with 45.Kh3 (45.Qh6+ Ke7 46.Rd2 was, by common opinion, superior) 45...Rd3 46.Qf4 Rxa3 47.Kg3 Rd3 48.Rd2?? e5, and the White Queen could no longer protect the Rook, as on 49.Qg5 both 49...f4+ and 49...Qxf3+ are deadly. John played 50.Rxd3 exf4+ and resigned a few moves later.

Niemzowitsch defeated Spielmann in a Scotch Game that featured a fine finish. Blcak's 23...Qe6 was an error, as after White's reply 24.Qf5, the Black c-pawn proves indefensible. The denouement was as sudden as it was pretty; White's 28th move was indeed the highlight of the entire round.

Scores after 4 rounds: Schlechter 4; Niemzowitsch 3; Salwe, Teichmann, Marshall 2 1/2; Leonhardt, Speyer, Duras, Alekhine, Dus-Chotimirsky 2; Tartakower, Spielmann, John, Forgacs, Yates, Jacob, Kohnlein 1 1/2; Dr. Tarrasch 1.

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