Tuesday, August 13

Australian Championship: Viner, Crakanthorp meet in title contest

A match for the Championship of Australia has begun in Bellingen, N.S.W., between William S. Viner, Jr., holder of the title, and challenger Spencer Crakanthorp.  The Championship contest, for a stake of £50 a side, is, we understand, one of seven games up, with nine wins being required for victory in the event the score reaches six wins all.  Mr. Viner, at 32 years of age, is a two-time Australian Champion, having first won the title in match play against Charles G. Watson at Perth in 1906 and then having defended it earlier this year at Sydney vs. Dr. Llewellyn Lancaster.  Mr. Viner also captured the Championship of New Zealand in 1907.  Mr. Crakanthorp, 28, has won the Championship of New South Wales on more than one occasion, and is the son of the accomplished player Lawrence Spencer Crakanthorp.  Bellingen, the venue of the match, is the residence of Mr. Viner, and is located approximately half-way between Sydney and Brisbane.

We have made arrangements to receive the games of this match, played at the other end of the earth, with all possible speed, and expect to be able to share them with our readers in the very near future.  For the present we present a sample of the play of the two contestants, beginning with a pair of games by Mr. Viner.

There now follow two fine games by Mr. Crakanthorp.


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