Thursday, August 8

Irish Championship: John J. O'Hanlon defeats J.A. Porterfield Rynd 3-0 to claim title

Several weeks ago we reported that John J. O'Hanlon had earned the right to face reigning Champion J.A. Porterfield Rynd in a match for the Championship of Ireland.  That title match, scheduled for five games, has now taken place, the result being a convincing victory for the challenger, who scored three consecutive victories to become the new Irish Champion.  The title contest, as well as the victory by Mr. O'Hanlon over C.J. Barry in the qualifying match, was held under the auspices of the newly-formed Irish Chess Union, and marked the first time in nearly 20 years that the Irish Championship had been at stake.  We warmly congratulate Mr. O'Hanlon on his success and offer our heartfelt compliments to Mr. Porterfield Rynd, who had worn the Champion's crown for several decades and who sportingly agreed to emerge from retirement to cross swords with an opponent many years his junior - indeed, one who had not yet been born when the veteran Master first captured the Irish title.

The scores of the first two games of the match, played on the 4th and 5th inst., are given below.  We understand that early in the third contest Mr. Porterfield Rynd essayed an exchange sacrifice that quickly redounded to his disadvantage, leading soon thereafter to his resignation of the game, match, and title.


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