Wednesday, August 21

Wilhelm Cohn, 1859-1913

We are saddened to report the death in Charlottenburg on the 17th inst. of the German Master Willhelm Cohn, 54, felled by the heart trouble that had plagued him for some time.  Cohn, who earned his Master title at the Hauptturnier at Eisenach in 1896, was a participant in a number of the major tournaments of our time, among them Berlin, 1897; London, 1899; Munich, 1900; and the giant 29-man Masters' tourney held at Ostend in 1907.  He recorded his greatest success at Cologne, 1898, sharing 2nd through 4th places with Chigorin and Charousek, a point behind Burn, the tournament winner, but ahead of such luminaries as Steinitz, Schlechter, Janowski, and Schiffers.

Cohn was said to be a "natural" player, one who gained his theoretical knowledge through practice and experience, rather than study.  His gifts were considerable, and at his best he was capable of holding his own against the foremost exponents of our noble game, as the examples of his play offered below will demonstrate.


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