Saturday, August 31

British Chess Federation Congress: Yates is new British Champion

From across the sea we learn that F.D. Yates has claimed the British Championship by winning the title tourney at the annual British Chess Federation Congress, held this year from August 11th - 23rd at Cheltenham in Gloucestershire.  Yates' success comes hard on the heels of his fine fourth-place finish at the Scheveningen tournament, which concluded only a few days before the inception of the Cheltenham event.  This Championship victory is the first for Yates, who nearly annexed the title two years ago, losing a play-off to H.E. Atkins at Glasgow.  The new Champion made the record score of 9 points from 11 games, followed by J. Mahood with 7 1/2, and, in third place, by the veteran J.H. Blackburne with 7, a most praiseworthy result for a man now in his seventy-second year.  Last year's winner R.C. Griffith was absent from this year's tourney, as was Atkins, winner of the Championship for seven years in succession from 1905-1911.

We have received a selection of games from the tourney and will share them with our readers over the coming days.  For the present, we append two by Yates, the new British Champion.

Final scores: F.D. Yates 9; J. Mahood 7 1/2; J.H. Blackburne 7; H. Saunders 6 1/2; W. Gibson, H. Jacobs 6; R.P. Michell 5; W.H. Gunston, D. Miller 4 1/2; R.H.V. Scott 4; H.B. Uber, F.E. Hamond 3


The following game was played in the final round and secured the title for Yates.


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