Saturday, August 10

Rice Chess Club tournament, Round 12: Only two games played; Grommer draws with Tenenwurzel; Phillips-Duras contest adjourned

Yesterday's scheduled twelfth round of the Rice Chess Club Summer Masters' Tournament saw limited action, with only two games contested.  Jacques Grommer played to a draw with Edward Tenenwurzel, while the battle between Harold M. Phillips and Oldrich Duras, a Ruy Lopez, was adjourned, with experts also predicting a draw as its most likely outcome.  The games Chajes-Kupchik and Marder-Beynon were postponed and will be made up in a few days' time, while the Capablanca-Bernstein duel slated for this round took place more than a month ago, and resulted in one of the Cuban's early triumphs on his victorious march to a perfect score.  Finally, Messers. Adair and Black were idle, owing to the withdrawal of other competitors.

In the absence of the Grommer-Tenenwurzel game score, we report with regret that we have no chess moves to share with our readers today.  In partial mitigation, we do expect, as the tourney draws to its close, that the coming days will feature a number of rescheduled and adjourned contests, which we will of course present in this space as they come to hand.

Current standings:

13 points: Capablanca (13)
8 1/2 points: Black (10), Kupchik (11)
7 points: Duras (8)
6 1/2 points: Marder (10), Tenenwurzel (12)
6 points: Chajes (10)
5 1/2 points: Bernstein (12)
5 points: Adair (10)
3 1/2 points: Beynon (11), Grommer (12)
2 1/2 points: Phillips (9)
Withdrawn: Stapfer, Beihoff

The number in parentheses following a player's surname indicates the number of games he has played to date, including two forfeit victories over Stapfer and Beihoff. The adjourned games Phillips-Chajes, Black-Kupchik, Black-Duras, Duras-Marder, Adair-Phillips, and Phillips-Duras are not included in the above table.

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