Sunday, September 1

Alekhine vs. Janowski: Offhand game from Scheveningen

We have received the score of an offhand game, played for a stake between Alexander Alekhine and David Janowski at the close of the recent Scheveningen tournament, and won in excellent style by the former.  The encounter was arranged in order to test an alternative line of play in the variation of the Queen's Gambit Declined that had occurred in Alekhine's 12th-round victory over Gyula Breyer, the game that secured first place in the Scheveningen tourney for the young Russian Master and so deprived Janowski of all hopes for top honors in the event.  Janowski opined that 14...Nb6 instead of Breyer's 14...b5 would have given Black fine chances, and the veteran wished to test his opinion over the board.  The result appears below.  If 14...Nb6 is indeed a superior move, that fact still remains to be demonstrated.  We call particular attention to Alekhine's 23.Nf6, a lovely stroke leading to a powerful attack.



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