Saturday, April 5

Baden gambit tournament to begin April 6th; Blindfold exhibition by Julius Finn at Manhattan Chess Club

A gambit tournament is set to begin at Baden, near Vienna, on the 6th of April. Participating in this 10-man, double-round event are such familiar names as Schlechter, Tartakower, Spielmann, Reti, and Breyer, along with Hans Fahrni, Paul Johner, Karel Hromadka, Gustaf Nyholm, and Karel Opocensky. Our understanding is that in contrast to previous such contests - for example, the tourney at Abbazia two years ago, where the King's Gambit Accepted was the prescribed debut for all games - on this occasion the players will be allowed to essay any gambit opening of their choosing, with only the Queen's Gambit being prohibited. The likelihood is thus that lively and varied struggles lie ahead.

The presence of Schlechter in the lists at Baden indicates perforce that he has declined his invitation to compete at St. Petersburg, as the former event is not scheduled to conclude until April 30th, more than a week after the latter will have begun. The industrious Master has of late been hard at work on the 8th edition of Bilguer's Handbuch, and his decision to remain closer to home is thus understandable, even if somewhat to be regretted. We will have more to say about the roster of participants at St. Petersburg in the coming days.

In other news, on the 26th ult. at the Manhattan Chess Club Mr. Julius Finn, perhaps the finest blindfold player in the United States, took on half a dozen opponents simultaneously without sight of the boards, making the fine score of four wins and two draws. We append one of the games, a victory by the performer over Mr. Louis Tolins, former Champion of Cornell University. Mr. Finn, aware of the identity and strength of his adversary, is said to have devoted particular attention to the conduct of this game. The result speaks for itself.


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