Thursday, April 3

Marshall sails for Europe; American Champion will play at St. Petersburg

United States Champion Frank J. Marshall is now en route to Europe, having sailed from New York for Le Havre on board the steamship La Provence on the 1st inst. The genial Master intends to make a stop at Paris before proceeding to St. Petersburg for the international tournament set to begin in that city later this month, an event that will feature many of the world's finest players. Before his departure Marshall was guest of honor at the annual banquet of the Manhattan Chess Club, held at the Brevoort House on the 28th ult., where he expressed his sincere thanks for the support that has made his voyage possible and promised to do his best against the powerful cohort of fellow competitors that awaits him in Russia.

Today's game - which represents, we believe, the last serious contest played by Marshall before setting sail - took place on March 21st in the New York Metropolitan League match between the Manhattan and Progressive Clubs, a duel won by the former side by the score of 6 1/2 - 1 1/2. The American Champion, playing for the Manhattan team, displays his customary endgame skill in taking the full point from the Progressive Club's J. Greenberg.

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