Sunday, April 13

New Zealand Championship: Final selection of games

We present a final selection of games from the New Zealand Championship. This year's tourney did not produce quite so many rollicking struggles as that of a year ago, but the following contest, between Mr. Kelling and Mr. Barnes, two of the top finishers in the tournament, features most lively play indeed.

In the next contest Mr. Dodds with 41...Re3 lays a pretty endgame trap for Mr. Hicks, who unsuspectingly allows himself to be ensnared therein.

The tournament, like all tournaments, featured its share of blunders. Here Mr. Severne, a pawn to the good after 50 moves of difficult battle vs. last year's Champion Mr. Grierson, undoes all his earlier efforts with one ill-chosen move.

And here Mr. James thinks to win a piece via 19...Qxc4, the Queen being immune from capture owing to a back-rank checkmate. His opponent Mr. Moore, however, immediately demonstrates the flaw in this thinking.

We close with an ever-popular item: a mating attack. Mr. Severne here makes amends for his earlier blunder vs. Mr. Grierson by sacrificing a Rook to force checkmate in a heavy-piece endgame.

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