Sunday, April 6

More games from the New Zealand Championship

We present a further selection of games from the latest New Zealand Championship, with our focus on the leading finishers. To begin, here is a dramatic struggle between Mr. W.E. Mason, winner of the Championship title, and co-runner-up Mr. Alfred Gyles, in which the former allows the latter to escape defeat in an easily won pawn endgame. Only tension and fatigue can account for such a lapse.

Mr. Gyles seems to maintain an admirable fighting spirit, even in the most precarious of circumstances. Witness this victory over his fellow participant from last year's Championship play-off, Mr. E. Hicks:

Mr. R.J. Barnes, who shared second and third places with Mr. Gyles, produced much first-rate chess. Here he prevails in a difficult struggle against Mr. John Grierson, last year's holder of the Silver Rook emblematic of the New Zealand Championship.

In our final offering of the day Mr. Barnes defeats Mr. Mason, reducing a complicated position to a won endgame via a well-timed series of exchanges.

In a future installment we intend to feature a number of memorable moments from the Championship.

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