Friday, April 4

New York's Harvard, Yale Clubs meet in annual matches; Crimson men triumph 9-3

This year's matches between teams representing New York's Harvard and Yale Clubs saw the Harvard alumni record a dual triumph over their Yale counterparts by the combined total of 9-3. On February 25th the Harvard side inflicted a heavy defeat on the host Yale men, 5 1/2 - 1/2; the return encounter, held at the Harvard Club on March 11th, proved more closely fought, with Harvard again emerging victorious by the narrow margin of 3 1/2 - 2 1/2. W.M.P. Mitchell, Silas W. Howland, and E. B. Barnes each scored two victories for the Harvard team, while Yale's A. Stedman Jameson upheld the honor of his alma mater on top board with a draw and a win vs. Harvard's John L. Clark.

We present below the victory by Jameson over Clark, a most thrilling encounter indeed. The course of play from approximately the 20th to the 30th move is of particular interest, with the two players conducting simultaneous King-side attacks amid a general melee of pieces. Harvard's Clark appears to have missed an opportunity to decide matters in his favor via a Queen sacrifice at his 24th turn, surely a pardonable error in such bewildering circumstances. Jameson, who escaped the danger an exchange to the good, made use of his reprieve, confidently achieving victory in the endgame.


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