Saturday, June 15

André Muffang, French prodigy

Note to readers: The schedule of the Austro-Hungarian Championship tournament in Budapest is proving a bit irregular.  Yesterday, the 14th, was again a day free of play.  The eighth round is set for today.  Then tomorrow the players are due for yet another day of rest.  Full particulars are lacking, but we understand that certain difficulties have arisen owing to card games taking place at the playing venue, the Hungarian Chess House, in contravention of local ordinances, and that as a result the premises were at one point closed by the police, forcing the re-location of at least one round of play.  In the absence of games from Budapest, we present another recent item for which we had not yet found space.    

André Muffang, born at Saint-Brieuc in Brittany in 1887, has demonstrated a most precocious talent for our royal game, and may well take his place on the world stage when his skills develop to their full.  We present below a recent victory by the young Frenchman over the Polish Master Poplawski.  Black wins the exchange in a skirmish beginning shortly after the exchange of Queens, and subsequently conducts the endgame to a successful conclusion with a sure hand.


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