Saturday, June 8

Castor and Pollux in Boston

In our previous entry on the Boston Chess Club Championship tournament, won by Harold L. Perrin after a play-off, we noted that a further play-off would be required between Harlow B. Daly and Godfrey L. Cabot in order to determine second place in the tourney.  Fragmentary and, to some extent, conflicting reports on this latter contest have now reached our offices, with one account naming Mr. Cabot the winner after his victory in the second game, but another reporting that Mr. Daly, by scoring the third game to his credit, had assumed the lead by a tally of two wins to one.  We remain perplexed, and note only that when two players have made an equal score in the principal tournament, and then have done the same in the first play-off, and then - as seems most likely - have divided the first two games of a second play-off, there can in truth be but little to choose between them.  The monetary prize for which Messrs. Daly and Cabot are contending is a mere pittance, and no possible spur to such lengthy efforts: honor alone is at stake as our chessboard twins battle on, struggling, as Hamlet might put it, "even for an eggshell."  We need hardly add that only men with a true affection for chess would give their all in this way, and thus, whatever the result of their current contest, we wish both contenders many more years of enjoyment and success in our noble game.

We have received two games from the second place play-off, the first a win by Mr. Cabot, the second a victory for Mr. Daly.  They are of far more than average interest, and we warmly commend them to the attention of our readers.



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