Monday, June 10

Budapest tournament, Round 4: Breyer, Forgacs join Tartakower in lead with victories

Gyula Breyer, playing sharp and active chess, defeated Lajos Asztalos to claim a share of the lead after the fourth round of the Austro-Hungarian Championship tournament in Budapest.  With Breyer atop the score table are Dr. S. Tartakower, who drew his game with Miklos Brody, and Leo Forgacs, victor over Karoly Sterk.  In the day's other contests, Zoltan von Balla bested Zsigmond Barasz, while Rudolf Spielmann and Georg Marco played to a draw, as did Milan Vidmar and Richard Reti. Jeno Szekely had the bye.

Only the scores of the Asztalos-Breyer and Tartakower-Brody games have reached us, and they are duly reproduced below.  Breyer, as second player, displayed a vigorous style against the Ruy Lopez of Asztalos, seizing the initiative and deciding matters with a Queen sacrifice to force mate.  Dr. Tartakower opened with 1.c4 against Brody, the game soon transposing to a Sicilian Defense in which Black sacrificed a pawn to gain play for his pieces.  Brody later recovered the offered material and a draw was agreed in an even endgame.

Scores after 4 rounds: Breyer, Tartakower, Forgacs 3; v. Balla, Asztalos 2 1/2; Spielmann*, Marco, Brody, Vidmar 2; Barasz 1; Sterk*, Reti* 1/2; Szekely* 0.     *Denotes those players who have already had the bye.

The fifth round will be played today.



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