Thursday, June 27

Marshall on tour: West Coast

Frank J. Marshall, the United States Chess Champion, is presently making his first visit to the West Coast, where he will fulfill a number of chess engagements in locales ranging from Canada to Southern California.  The Champion left New York by train on the 17th inst., arriving five days thereafter in Seattle, from where this tireless traveler soon embarked by ferry for Victoria, British Columbia, giving two simultaneous exhibitions at that city's Camosun Club on the 24th.  In an afternoon session Marshall faced nine opponents, scoring eight wins and allowing only one draw, to Mr. A. Gibson.  In the evening, with 17 players ranged against him, Marshall recorded 13 victories and three draws, losing only to Mr. J.T. Myers.  We understand that the Champion spoke highly of the level of skill of his friendly Canadian foes.

Marshall's itinerary includes a stop at the Mechanics' Institute in San Francisco, as well as a visit to Los Angeles, and we have made arrangements to present a selection of game scores as his tour progresses.  The Champion's travels will of necessity force him to miss the Rice Chess Club tournament in New York, set to begin in a few days' time, an event about which we expect soon to publish a preview.

We present the game between Marshall and Mr. Gibson, played in the afternoon exhibition mentioned above.  There is some indication that this nine-board session was conducted blindfold by the Champion, but, as our sources are rather unclear on this point, we find ourselves unable to state definitively yea or nay.  Still, whether played with sight of the board or without, the game is vintage Marshall, who sacrifices material for a speculative attack and then "swindles" a draw from a position in which he stands a piece behind.


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