Saturday, June 29

Marshall on tour: Portland, Oregon

Frank J. Marshall, the United States Chess Champion, continues his travels out west.  From Portland, Oregon, comes word that the peripatetic performer yesterday faced 43 opponents in a simultaneous exhibition, emerging undefeated with 41 victories against only two draws.  Marshall also contested a blindfold game against members of the Portland Chess Club in consultation, scoring another triumph.  Reports from our correspondents indicate that Marshall is winning not only games of chess, but many friends as well, and the members of the Portland club were said to be most favorably impressed by his modest and unassuming manner.

We present the blindfold game from Portland below.  Even if Marshall's name were not attached, a reader might well guess that it represents his work: the sacrifice of two pawns early on, the offer of the exchange a bit later, the clever tactics, which include a smothered mate in the notes, and the remorseless pursuit of the Black King all smack of the sparkling style of the Champion.        

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