Wednesday, June 5

Dr. Tarrasch on tour: Sweden (conclusion)

Dr. Tarrasch has completed his well-received Swedish tour with two engagements in Stockholm, the first a set of three games against strong teams of consulting players, held on the 31st ult., the other a simultaneous exhibition on 27 boards, which took place on the 2nd inst.  The latter event ended markedly in favor of the single player, who remained undefeated throughout the session, scoring  21 victories and 6 draws to record his best result of the tour.  Dr. Tarrasch fared decidedly worse in the consultation games, registering a lone draw against two defeats, evidence of both the strength of the opposition and the fatigue attendant to a peripatetic series of chess performances conducted within a limited time.

As so often occurs in such cases, losses by the great player are the only game scores to see the light of day, and we beg our readers to believe that we would have gladly published a selection of the doctor's simultaneous wins had any come to hand.  Still, the games taken from Dr. Tarrasch by the consulting teams are rather interesting in their own right, and we trust that they will hold the attention of our much-appreciated loyal followers.


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