Sunday, June 9

Budapest tournament, Round 3: Tartakower and Asztalos move into lead with victories

Dr. Saviely Tartakower defeated Gyula Breyer and Lajos Asztalos topped Zsigmond Barasz in the third round of the Austro-Hungarian Championship at Budapest to claim the joint lead in the event with 2 1/2 points from three games played.  Other winners on the day were Brody, who scored against Szekely, and Marco, who defeated Reti.  The games Forgacs-Spielmann and von Balla-Vidmar were drawn.  Sterk had the bye.

We report with regret that, with the exception of the Marco-Reti clash, only the bare results of yesterday's contests were included in our daily cable from Europe, and thus we can provide neither game scores nor descriptions of the other encounters.  We would have been particularly pleased to examine the Breyer-Tartakower meeting, as two such imaginative players are likely to have produced some interesting chess.

Scores after 3 rounds: Tartakower, Asztalos, 2 1/2; Breyer, Forgacs 2; Brody, Spielmann*, Marco, v. Balla, Vidmar 1 1/2; Barasz 1; Sterk* 1/2; Szekely, Reti* 0.      *Denotes those players who have already had the bye.

Appended is the score of the Marco-Reti game, in which the veteran Master overcame the French Defense of his young opponent.  An examination of the final position by some of our clubmates revealed no clear winning stroke for White at the point when Black resigned, though one assumes that the extra exchange must tell in the end. 

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