Sunday, January 13

New York tournament preview: Liebenstein and Kline

Today we present two games by players in the upcoming Second American National Tournament, due to begin in New York in six days' time.

Hermann Liebenstein, formerly of Cologne, has given ample evidence of his playing strength since his arrival on these shores, as his winning of the Championship of Maryland well demonstrates.  Fellow New York tourney participant Whitaker speaks highly of Liebenstein's skill, and informs us that last November, in a series of informal games played at a quick time limit at the Washington Chess and Whist Club, he was forced to exert himself to the utmost to get the better of the Maryland player.  We give here a game won by Liebenstein some years ago in the Hauptturnier A of the German Congress at Hannover:


Today's other featured player, Harry P. Kline, current Champion of the Rice Chess Club, is well-known in New York chess circles.  Last year Kline lost rather heavily in a match vs. Kupchik, and he will doubtless be keen to make a better showing in the present tourney.  He sends us a game from the Western Championship of two years ago, remarking that while his attack may perhaps not withstand the test of rigorous critical analysis, it nevertheless offers a fair illustration of his fighting spirit.  We are certain that our readers will agree.



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