Sunday, January 6

Second American National Tournament in New York

This event, a substitute for the now-canceled New York/Havana tourney at which it had been hoped to bring together all the world's leading masters, is due to begin in less than two weeks' time in the rooms of the Manhattan Chess Club at the Hotel Sherman Square.  It will feature three players of world renown: the phenomenonal Capablanca, touted by many as a future challenger for the World Championship, as well as Marshall and Janowski, two veteran Masters each of whom has already battled Dr. Lasker for the supreme title.  Others scheduled to enter the lists include Kupchik, Whitaker, Jaffe, and Chajes, along with Morrison of Toronto.  We intend over the coming days to present, where possible, representative games of the participants in the approaching contest, along with a few of our own prognostications, modest though we know our vatic skills to be, and we shall of course provide full coverage of the event as it unfolds.  Interested readers are thus warmly invited to return regularly to these pages in the days and weeks to come.


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