Thursday, January 10

New York tournament preview: Whitaker

We begin our presentation of representative games by players scheduled to compete in the upcoming New York tournament with Norman T. Whitaker, 22, currently enrolled in the Faculty of Law at Georgetown University in the nation's capital, and well-known to the chess world for his earlier exploits as an intercollegiate ace at the University of Pennsylvania.  Whitaker possesses an active, crafty style, and has acquired a reputation as a resourceful fighter who can be counted on to bring off a devious "swindle" now and then.  We are quite certain that the mental discipline required for the study of Law will further develop his analytical powers and so increase his already-impressive playing strength.  The presence among the leading exponents of our royal game of men who have achieved honorable successes in other fields  has always been a boon for chess, and it is with confidence that we predict that the charming and ambitious Whitaker will one day join that select number.

We do note with an indulgent smile a rather independent streak in the young Master, who, in reply to our request for the score of a tournament game or two of his, sent us instead a victory over Dr. Lasker, achieved in a simultaneous exhibition by the Champion, as well as a thrilling draw vs. Marshall in an offhand game played two years ago.  Still, Whitaker was the first of all the Masters to reply to our request, and so we award him pride of place in our preview, and wish him every success in the tournament.

The games:


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