Saturday, January 12

Northern Counties' Union Congress

From across the sea comes word that Frederick D. Yates, of Leeds, has once again taken first prize in the chief tournament at the annual Congress of the Northern Counties' Union in Blackpool, thereby securing for himself, for the fourth year running, the title of Champion of the Northern Counties.  Mr. Yates made the excellent score of 5 1/2 points from six games in this seven-player event, in which the Liverpool players Dawbarn, with 4 1/2 points, and Cortlett, with 4, took the second and third places respectively.  Burton of Leeds finished fourth with 3 1/2; Baxter of Manchester, Thomas of Liverpool, and Berryman of Leeds rounded out the field.

Our readers may recall that Mr. Yates made his international debut at the Hamburg congress in 1910, a tourney in which, despite finishing as the bottom marker, he registered a most satisfying victory over Dr. Tarrasch, who had earlier objected to Yates' participation in that event on the grounds of insufficient playing strength.  We congratulate the young Master on his latest success, and wish him many more in the future.  

There follows a game in which Yates convincingly defeats the second-place finisher.

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