Saturday, January 19

New York tournament preview: Remaining players and predictions

We regret that we have received no scores of earlier games from Messrs. Zapoleon, Morrison, Rubinstein, and Stapfer, and, possessing none in our files to draw upon, we must here content ourselves with the briefest of descriptions.  John Homer Stapfer, born in Switzerland, has been several times Champion of New Jersey, and is indeed the current holder of that title.  The Polish-born Solomon Rubinstein (who is no relation, he informs us, of the great Akiba) has demonstrated his strength at several New York chess clubs, and can be expected to make an honorable showing in this event.  He speaks of plans to move one day to the West Coast, perhaps to San Francisco.  Louis B. Zapoleon may likewise soon find himself in a new home, as he hopes to obtain a position with the Department of Agriculture in the nation's capital once the new administration comes into office in March.  Young John Stuart Morrison, of Toronto, won the Championship of Canada in 1910 at the tender age of 21, an accomplishment amply demonstrating his skill.  We hope to feature games by each of these contenders in the days to come.

Now, briefly, our own prognostications.  We favor Marshall and Janowski for top honors, with Capablanca just behind.  The two veterans seem to us in good form, and we wonder whether the Cuban's year-long hiatus from Master chess might not slow his progress in this event, at least in the early rounds.  We look to see Whitaker make a plus score, and feel that Chajes may well surprise with a better-than-expected showing, perhaps even taking one of the top places if any of the favorites should suffer a setback or two.  Kupchik, too, may exceed expectations, as he seems to us a most promising player.  As for the rest, they, like those just named, enjoy every opportunity to shine: all start on a level basis, and each truly holds his fate in his hands.

The first round begins this afternoon, the pairings being Capablanca-Liebenstein, Janowski-Marshall, Kupchik-Zapoleon, Morrison-Chajes, Rubinstein-Stapfer, Tenenwurzel-Jaffe, and Whitaker-Kline; look for our report tomorrow.

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