Saturday, January 19

New York tournament preview: Marshall

We come now to Marshall, veteran of dozens of tournaments and more than a score of matches, victor at Cambridge Springs, redoubtable adversary for any chessboard foe, attacker par excellence, "swindler" supreme, and our reigning American Champion.

We find it difficult, in the space at our disposal, to summarize Marshall's career, rich as it is in accomplishment and adventure, and therefore, to serve merely as an illustration of his tireless activity over the past decade and more, we will instead limit ourselves to the previous year alone.  1912 saw Marshall take part in four European Master tournaments, at San Sebastian, Bad Pistyan, Budapest, and Breslau, winning a prize on each occasion.  He further contested a short match with Speyer in London and a longer one with Janowski at Biarritz, drawing the first and winning the second.  Add to this the usual round of exhibitions, lectures, etc., and the reader will well understand that our Champion is a busy man indeed.

Amid all this chessboard bustle Marshall produced two of the most spectacular moves of his career, and we will perhaps be forgiven for publishing them once again here as examples of his skill.  We give first his game vs. Levitsky from Breslau, already famous for its concluding move:

Hardly less remarkable was Marshall's 12th move in his third match game vs. Janowski:

May we be fortunate enough to witness similar pyrotechnics in the tournament about to begin.


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