Sunday, May 26

Boston Chess Club: Harold L. Perrin is new Champion after three-man play-off

The Championship of the Boston Chess Club has been captured after a play-off by Harold L. Perrin of Wellesley, Massachusetts, a recent graduate in law from Boston University currently engaged in further study at Harvard.  The play-off was necessitated after the main Championship tournament saw Mr. Perrin and two others, Harlow B. Daly and Godfrey L. Cabot, both well-known on the Boston chess scene, all finish with seven points from ten games played.  Mr. Perrin then convincingly settled matters by scoring four consecutive victories in the double-round tie-breaking tourney to lay claim to the title.  Mr. Daly and Mr. Cabot each finished the play-off with one point scored from four games, a result that will occasion a further contest between the two to determine the allocation of second prize.  We present below three games from the play-off.

Scores from the Championship tourney:  Perrin, Daly, Cabot 7; Miller 5; Hamblin 2 1/2; Howe 1 1/2.

Scores from the play-off:  Perrin 4; Daly, Cabot 1.

Here Perrin defeats Cabot through some attractive tactics on the Queen-side.

In the following spirited game, Perrin and Daly contest a sharp opening without either seeming to gain the advantage, after which the new Champion steadily outplays his opponent in the endgame.  It was this game that assured Perrin of the title.


Finally, Daly wins a pawn early on against Cabot in a Petroff Defense and presses home his advantage, carrying an attack through to victory.



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