Monday, January 6

All-Russian tournament of Masters begins: Invitation to grand St. Petersburg international tourney at stake for winner

We are in daily expectation of a report from the opening round of the All-Russian tournament of Masters, which was due to begin in St. Petersburg on the 4th inst.  Many players whose names have graced our pages over the past year are slated to take part, among them Alekhine, Levitsky, Salwe, Lowtzky, Niemzowitsch, Flamberg, Dus-Chotimirsky, and Znosko-Borovsky. We also understand that the veterans Taubenhaus and Alapin have been invited, as have the young Masters Levenfish and Bogoljubow. Of others we remain uncertain; the first report will, of course, enumerate the full list of participants.

At stake is a prize of more value than any monetary reward - an invitation to compete in the great international Masters' tourney planned for St. Petersburg later this year, where the Champion, Dr. Lasker, is expected to enter the lists, as are such giants as Capablanca, Rubinstein, Dr. Tarrasch, Janowski, and Marshall. To match wits with the greatest figures in our world of chess is a goal toward which any Master would aspire, and the competition for that honor is expected to be fierce. Look for the first news from far-off Russia to appear in this space in the very near future.   

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