Saturday, January 4

Pennsylvania tops Cornell and Brown to win 15th annual Triangular League intercollegiate tourney; Yale leads Columbia 3 1/2 - 1/2 after first day of "C.H.Y.P." play-off

The University of Pennsylvania, led by Rudolph Sze on first board, captured the 15th annual Triangular League intercollegiate tournament, held at the Brooklyn Chess Club from the 29th of December through New Year's Day.  The Quakers tallied 11 1/2 points from 16 games, edging out Cornell University's 10 1/2. Brown University brought up the rear in third place with 2 points. With this victory, its third in the last five years, Penn takes permanent possession of the 3rd Rice Cup, the award generously donated by well-known chess philanthropist Prof. Isaac L. Rice. The good Professor is expected to donate yet another such award next year; that prize, too, will become the permanent property of the next school to win three of these annual events.

Members of the respective teams were as follows:

Pennsylvania: R. Sze, M.J. Teitelbaum, H. Houlgate, R. Levin
Cornell: N.S. Perkins, A.C. Ehrlich, W. Grafman, A.W. Clurman
Brown: R.E. Mitchell, E.C. Durfee, C.L. Woolley, J.L. Sperry

We have two games from the tournament to offer to our readers today.  Here, in a difficult battle on first board, Sze of Pennsylvania escapes with a draw vs. Perkins of Cornell:

And here on second board Ehrlich of Cornell defeats Durfee of Brown; White might have decided the contest earlier had he spotted a pretty sacrifice at the 24th move.


As we go to press we learn that Yale has defeated Columbia by a heavy 3 1/2 - 1/2 score in the opening round of their play-off for the "C.H.Y.P." tournament title.  The second round will be played later today, with the Yale men requiring only one additional point from four games to claim the Championship. We hope to provide further details tomorrow.

We have also been informed that there is talk of arranging an annual match between the members of the Triangular League and those of the "C.H.Y.P." League, a proposition we most heartily endorse.

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