Friday, January 3

Capablanca beats Niemzowitsch in beautiful endgame

José R. Capablanca continues to impress and delight. The Cuban Master, fresh from his recent triumphs at St. Petersburg, journeyed to Riga, where on the 25th and 26th ult. he gave two simultaneous performances, acquitting himself admirably with a combined score of 39 victories and 10 draws, against only 2 defeats. Then, on the 30th of December, Capablanca faced Riga native Aron Niemzowitsch in an exhibition game, scoring the victory in an opposite-color Bishop endgame of rare beauty and finesse. We cannot recall ever before having seen such proficiency in the final phase of the game in one so young; not even Dr. Lasker himself, we believe, could improve on Capablanca's play in the game presented below, an effort fully worthy of a World Champion.  Our unhallowed hands shall not attempt to gloss such a masterpiece; we can only commend it to our readers, with the assurance that careful analysis and repeated replayings will reveal ever more subtle and elegant designs.


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