Thursday, January 23

St. Petersburg All-Russian tournament, Round 11: Leaders' positions remain unchanged as Alekhine, Niemzowitsch, Flamberg, Lowtzky all score wins

The leading quartet of competitors - Alexander Alekhine, Aron Niemzowitsch, Alexander Flamberg, and Moishe Lowtzky - all recorded victories in the eleventh round of the St. Petersburg All-Russian Masters' tournament, leaving their relative standing unchanged with half a dozen rounds still to be played. Alekhine, victor on the day over Sergey von Freymann, still tops the score table with 9 1/2 points from 11 games, a full point ahead of both Niemzowitsch and Flamberg, who bested Moisei Eljaschoff and Andrey Smorodsky, respectively. The next (12th) round is likely to prove crucial for the hopes of the pursuing pair Niemzowitsch and Flamberg, as the two Masters will face each other while Alekhine meets tournament bottom marker Bernhard Gregory, who has scored but one half-point to date.

In other contests, Lowtzky defeated Stepan Levitsky to maintain his hold on fourth place with 8 points, while Grigory Levenfish moved into sole fifth position on 7 points via a win over Jean Taubenhaus. The full results were as follows:

v. Freymann  0-1  Alekhine
Niemzowitsch  1-0  Eljaschoff
Smorodsky  0-1  Flamberg
Levitsky  0-1  Lowtzky
Levenfish  1-0  Taubenhaus
Evensohn  1-0  Znosko-Borovsky
Lebedev  ½-½  Bogoljubow
Evtifeev 0-1  Salwe
Gregory  0-1  Alapin

Standings after 11 rounds: Alekhine 9 1/2; Niemzowitsch, Flamberg 8 1/2; Lowtzky 8; Levenfish 7; Bogoljubow, Evensohn, Salwe 6 1/2; Alapin, Smorodsky 6; Znosko-Borovsky 5 1/2; v. Freymann, Levitsky 4 1/2; Taubenhaus 3 1/2; Evtifeev, Lebedev 3; Eljaschoff 1 1/2; Gregory 1/2

We present three games from the round, the victories by Alekhine, Flamberg, and Lowtzky.

Alekhine once again demonstrated his extraordinary power, launching a Queen-side assault as second player in a Queen's Gambit Declined and concluding matters in only 24 moves.


Flamberg took the full point from Smorodsky when the latter began to go astray in the vicinity of the 30th move in a Ruy Lopez.

Levitsky, on the White side of a Caro-Kann Defense, turned in a poor effort vs. Lowtzky, losing two pawns in the opening before blundering at his 20th turn.

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