Saturday, January 11

St. Petersburg All-Russian tournament: Smorodsky defeats Niemzowitsch in rescheduled first-round game, joins Evtifeev in lead at 2-0

Andrey Smorodsky unleashed a powerful attack to defeat Aron Niemzowitsch in only 25 moves in a game rescheduled from the first round of the St. Petersburg All-Russian Masters' tournament. The Rigan Niemzowitsch, who responded to Smorodsky's 1.e4 with the Caro-Kann Defense, 1...c6, soon found himself under heavy fire on the Queen-side as his opponent advanced upon Black's castled position. Smorodsky, conducting the offensive with skill, quickly developed irresistible threats and compelled the Latvian Master to resign in the face of the combined assault of all the White pieces.

With this victory Smorodsky, a late entrant to the event, improves his score to 2-0 and joins Peter Evtifeev atop the tournament score table, a circumstance reflected in the updated rankings below.

Standings after 2 rounds: Evtifeev, Smorodsky 2; Lowtzky, Levenfish, Evensohn, Alapin, Flamberg 1 1/2; Levitsky, Znosko-Borovsky, Salwe, Bogoljubow, Alekhine 1; Niemzowitsch, Gregory, Taubenhaus 1/2; Lebedev, v. Freymann, Eljaschoff 0.

We present herewith the game score.

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