Wednesday, January 15

St. Petersburg All-Russian tournament, Round 5: Levenfish 1st, Alekhine 2nd after victories

Grigory Levenfish stands alone in first place with 4 1/2 points after 5 rounds of the St. Petersburg All-Russian Masters' tournament following his latest success, a victory over Eugene Znosko-Borovsky. In second place, with 4 points, we find Alexander Alekhine, who recorded his fourth consecutive triumph in besting Georg Salwe. Former tourney leader Andrey Smorodsky suffered his first setback of the event at the hands of Alexander Evensohn and fell to joint 3rd-7th places with 3 1/2 points, where he is joined by Evensohn, Alexander Flamberg, Efim Bogoljubow, and Aron Niemzowitsch. Another pack of four Masters lies a further point behind, among them early front-runner Peter Evtifeev, who ended his two-game losing skein by drawing with Bogoljubow. The day's full results are given below.

Flamberg  1-0  Lowtzky
v. Freymann  1-0  Gregory
Niemzowitsch  1-0  Lebedev
Smorodsky  0-1  Evensohn
Levenfish  1-0  Znosko-Borovsky
Evtifeev ½-½  Bogoljubow
Levitsky  ½-½  Alapin
Salwe  0-1  Alekhine
Taubenhaus  1-0  Eljaschoff

Scores after 5 rounds: Levenfish 4 1/2; Alekhine 4; Flamberg, Niemzowitsch, Smorodsky, Evensohn, Bogoljubow 3 1/2; Lowtzky, Evtifeev, Alapin, Levitsky 2 1/2; Znosko-Borovsky, Salwe, Taubenhaus 2; v. Freymann 1 1/2; Gregory, Lebedev, Eljaschoff 1/2

We regret that the victory by Levenfish was not among the three game scores received today by cable from St. Petersburg. That dispatch did, however, include the Salwe-Alekhine encounter, with which we begin, and in which White's 26.Qxf8+ seems to have been based on a miscalculation.


Lowtzky's 32...Ne6? unnecessarily ceded one pawn; he resigned when faced with the loss of a second after 39.Qe5+

Smorodsky with 16.Ne4? allowed Evensohn to initiate a forced sequence leading to the gain of material via 18...Nc3!, after which Black finished the game with a sure hand.


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