Sunday, January 5

Yale defeats Columbia 5 1/2 - 2 1/2 in playoff to win "C.H.Y.P." tourney

The Elis of Yale have defeated the Columbia Lions 5 1/2 - 2 1/2 in a double-round play-off to claim the championship of the 22nd annual "C.H.Y.P." intercollegiate chess tournament.  Yale and Columbia, it will be recalled, shared first place at last week's tourney, necessitating a tie-break match. The Yale squad gained a large advantage on the first day of the play-off, scoring 3 1/2 points from four games to enter yesterday's second round needing to add only one further point to reach 4 1/2 and so earn the title, a goal the New Haven men achieved with room to spare by posting a 2-2 result. Yale first board R. Beach proved a stalwart for his side, taking both games from Columbia's H.E. Leede.

Results of the play-off:

Round 1 - January 3

Yale                            Columbia
Beach 1                       Leede 0
Quarles 1                   Ehrlich 0
Job 1/2                      Korkus 1/2
Lightner 1                 Bird 0

Columbia played White on boards 1 and 3

Round 2 - January 4

Yale                             Columbia
Beach 1                       Leede 0
Quarles 0                   Ehrlich 1
Job 1/2                       Korkus 1/2
Lightner 1/2              Bird 1/2

Yale played White on board 1 and 3

We present the Beach-Leede encounter from the second round of the tie-break, in which Yale's top board wins his opponent's isolated Queen's pawn at the 23rd move and thereafter systematically exchanges pieces to reach a winning King and pawn endgame.

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