Monday, July 1

Chess in Ireland: Belfast Championship (Williamson Shield)

The recent dispatch from our correspondent in Ireland brought the news that Mr. Harold Thomas has won the Championship of Belfast, repeating his success of last year.  Mr. Thomas thus retains possession of the Williamson Shield, the award emblematic of the Belfast Championship donated several years ago by Mr. H.B. Williamson, an Irish native currently resident in New Zealand.

This year's Championship tourney, a five-man double-round affair, proved most hotly contested, as is evidenced both by the narrow range of the scores and the fact that only one game was drawn out of twenty played.  The final tally saw Mr. Thomas in first place with 5 1/2 points from 8 games played, followed by Messrs. W.J. Allen with 4 1/2; A.S. Roper with 4; and J.W. Carey and T.E. Morton, each with 3.

We have one game from the tournament to offer our readers today, a victory by Mr. Morton over Mr. Thomas.  We apologize to the new Champion for presenting only one of his losses from the event, and will be happy to share some of his victories should they come to hand.  Today's game features an opening we cannot recall ever having seen before, namely, 1.e4 e5 2.c4, which, we are told, is a speciality of Mr. Morton's.  In the game subjoined the unusual debut serves its handler quite well indeed.


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