Thursday, July 4

Marshall on tour: San Francisco (continued)

United States Chess Champion Frank J. Marshall continues his engagement at the Mechanics' Institute of San Francisco.  On the 2nd inst. Marshall contested two games simultaneously against strong pairs of consulting opponents, as Arthur W. Ryder and Elmer W. Gruer faced the Champion on Board 1 and Arthur B. Stamer and A.J. Fink manned Board 2.  Both games were drawn, with Marshall as first player essaying a Danish Gambit in the former contest and opting for a Petroff Defense as Black in the latter.

We have received the score of Marshall's encounter with Messrs. Ryder and Gruer.  The consultants bravely accepted both offered pawns in the opening, later returning one in order to initiate operations on the Queen-side.  A lively battle ensued, the game ultimately being agreed drawn in a simplified endgame position, with the Champion about to restore material equality.

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