Saturday, July 13

Rice Chess Club tournament, Round 4: Marder, Kupchik, Bernstein are winners; Chajes records first victory

Yesterday's fourth round of the Rice Chess Club Summer Masters' Tournament saw the three joint holders of second place, Albert Marder, Abraham Kupchik, and Jacob Bernstein all score victories to gain ground on tourney leader José R. Capablanca, who sat idle on the day as his scheduled opponent, Oldrich Duras, has yet to arrive in New York.  Marder, playing White, easily bested Edward Tenenwurzel in a French Defense; Kupchik as second player in a Petroff took the point from George F. Adair in a Rook endgame; and Bernstein scored as Black in a Giuoco Piano, trapping the Queen of George Beihoff and forcing resignation in 24 moves.  In the day's other decisive game Oscar Chajes, employing the 3...Nd4 defense to the Ruy Lopez, defeated Canada's F.P. Beynon to register his first official triumph of the tournament, his earlier defeat of J.H. Stapfer having been stricken from the record following the latter's withdrawal from the competition.  The contest between Harold M. Phillips and Roy T. Black was adjourned in a position somewhat favorable to the latter, and will be concluded at a later date.  Jacques Grommer, who would have faced the departed Stapfer in this round, did not play.

Marder, Kupchik, and Bernstein now have three points each to their credit; the first two named, who have yet to incur any points on the debit side, still retain the possibility of matching Capablanca's clean score of 5-0. The chances of Bernstein, who has lost two games, must be rated as rather less favorable.  Black, with one victory in his pocket and two games adjourned, might also rise to threaten the leaders, and of course Duras, whose slate is at present a complete tabula rasa, cannot be counted out.

Current scores:

5 points: Capablanca (5)
3 points: Kupchik (3), Marder (3), Bernstein (5)
1 point:   Black (1), Tenenwurzel (2), Chajes (3), Phillips (3), Adair (4)
1/2 point: Beynon (3), Beihoff (5)
0 points:  Duras (0), Grommer (3)

The number in parentheses following a player's surname indicates the number of games he has played to date.  The adjourned games Tenenwurzel-Beynon, Black-Marder, and Phillips-Black are not included in the above table.

We present yesterday's completed games below:


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