Thursday, July 25

Rice Chess Club tournament: Kupchik-Capablanca game adjourned; Capablanca's winning streak in jeopardy as experts predict draw

Abraham Kupchik offered stout resistance to tourney leader José R. Capalanca last night in a game advanced from the thirteenth round of the Rice Chess Club Summer Masters' Tournament.  Kupchik, playing White, essayed the Queen's Gambit, which was accepted by his opponent.  The contest seemed relatively balanced throughout, with Capablanca perhaps holding a slight advantage, but one that appeared likely insufficient for victory. That judgment, in the opinion of experts on the scene, also applies to the adjourned position, with the general consensus being that a draw is the most probable outcome when the contest is resumed in a few days' time. Such a result would, of course, put an end to the ten-game winning streak of Capablanca and end his hopes of recording a perfect score in the present event.  Still, the Cuban ace may yet prevail, as his skill in the final phase of the game is well-known to be of the highest order, and he will certainly make every effort to achieve success.

**As we are about to go to press we have been made aware that Black overlooked an excellent winning chance at the 30th move, as pointed out by Capablanca himself.  The young maestro states that Black, in place of 30...Na4, should have chosen 30...Nc4, to meet 31.Rxb5 with 31...d2 32.Rb1 Nxe5, when if 33.Nxe5 Rc8! wins, e.g. 34.Nd3 Rc3.  This clever line, which has been incorporated into the game score below, should serve as a reminder of the possibilities often hidden in even the most simple positions and of the ability of a Capablanca to discover them.  It is for this very reason that we hesitate to predict the drawn outcome of which others seem more certain.

We append the moves made to date.



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