Sunday, July 7

Marshall on tour: San Francisco (conclusion)

United States Chess Champion Frank J. Marshall has concluded his engagement at the Mechanics' Institute of San Francisco.  On the afternoon of the 3rd inst. the Champion contested three friendly games against Dr. Walter R. Lovegrove, one of the strongest San Francisco players, recording two wins and one draw. That same evening Marshall gave an exhibition of simultaneous play, the second of his engagement, taking on 38 opponents and producing the fine result of 27 victories and 5 draws, against only 6 defeats.  One of the draws was achieved by another San Francisco stalwart, Mr. George Hallwegen, who on the following afternoon contested two friendly games of his own against the visitor, with each man scoring a victory.  Marshall, who is said to have impressed his hosts with his personality as well as his play, had at last report left San Francisco and was en route to Los Angeles, where he has been booked for three days of chess activity.

We offer three games today.  The first is the draw achieved by Mr. Hallwegen during the Champion's exhibition, a 21-move affair curious both for the defense chosen by the San Francisco player (1.e4 g6 2.d4 e6 3.f4 Bg7) and for the fact that no piece or pawn was captured during the course of the contest.  There then follow the two friendly games played between the same opponents on Independence Day.  In the first Marshall launches an immediate attack against Hallwegen's unusual defense via 1.e4 g6 2.h4; in the latter the Champion, playing Black in a Sicilian Defense, proceeds with his characteristic verve (see, for example, 15...Bxh3 and 20...Be2), but at last comes to grief through a terrible oversight.

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