Friday, July 19

Debrecen tournament, Round 6: Reti maintains one-point lead over Breyer, Asztalos

Richard Reti maintains a one-point lead at the Hungarian Championship tournament in Debrecen following a sixth-round draw with Gyula Breyer.  Breyer currently occupies 2nd place ex aequo alongside Lajos Asztalos, who likewise played to a draw vs. Karoly Sterk.  Zsigmond Barasz recorded the day's only victory, defeating Jeno Szekely after the latter blundered terribly in an equal position.

The sixth round marked the beginning of the second tour of the event, and featured the same pairings as in the tourney's opening stanza, with colors naturally reversed.  Breyer, playing White, chose the Ruy Lopez vs. Reti, the game transposing to the Four Knights' Opening after 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Nf6 4.Nc3.  A skirmish ending on the 26th move left Breyer in possession of an extra pawn in a double Rook endgame, an advantage he attempted in vain to turn to account during the remainder of the contest.  The draw was agreed at the 59th move.


Asztalos and Sterk explored the 3.e5 variation of the Caro-Kann Defense, concluding peace after 31 moves in a position that may well have permitted of further play:

Barasz vs. Szekely developed along lines similar to those of the Asztalos-Sterk contest, with serious hostilities breaking out near the 30th move.  The lively struggle, which appeared likely to continue into the endgame, came to an abrupt termination soon after Szekely's disastrous 41...Qb1+, which not only left the Black Queen and Rook both en prise after 42.Rf1, but which also deprived the former piece of any means of escape following 42...g5 43.Qf3.  Szekely found himself forced to concede Queen for Rook and resigned a few moves thereafter when faced with further material loss.

Scores after 6 rounds: Reti 4 1/2; Asztalos, Breyer 3 1/2; Barasz 3; Sterk 2; Szekely 1 1/2

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