Tuesday, July 2

Marshall on tour: San Francisco; Rice Club tourney in New York begins today

We have two items of interest to report in today's entry, one from the West Coast and the other from the East.

Frank Marshall, the United States Chess Champion, continues his successful tour out West.  Marshall arrived in San Francisco with yesterday morning's train from Portland, and by evening the visitor was already hard at work, taking on 32 opponents in a simultaneous exhibition at the Mechanics' Institute.  The Champion made the fine score of 25 wins and 6 draws against a single loss, the rapidly-rising Bernardo Smith being the only player to compel Marshall to tip his King in surrender.  We are informed that 300 spectators attended the performance, which Marshall completed in the expeditious time of 3 hours and 25 minutes.  We offer below two games from this exhibition, a win against A. Epsteen, younger brother of the strong California player Dr. Henry Epsteen, and a draw against Prof. Bernstein.  Marshall's engagement in San Francisco is scheduled to last for three more days, with consultation games, a second simultaneous performance, and single encounters against some of the strongest Mechanics' Institute members still on the program.

In New York, the Rice Chess Club Summer Tournament begins today with 14 players entered, the list of participants being as follows: José R. Capablanca, Oldrich Duras (who at the moment is still in Europe, whence he is due to sail via the Imperator in a few days' time), George Beihoff, F.P. Beynon (a young Canadian player, serving as replacement for Alfred Kreymborg, who has withdrawn), J.H. Stapfer, Jacob Bernstein, Edward Tenenwurzel, Albert Marder, Roy T. Black, George Adair, Jacques Grommer, Harold M. Phillips, Abraham Kupchik, and Oscar Chajes.  The tourney will proceed at the rather slow pace of only two rounds per week, although we understand that Capablanca, who had expected a more accelerated schedule, will be allowed to complete his program ahead of time by playing four games weekly.  The delayed arrival of Duras and the early finish of Capablanca may well make the estimation of the respective chances of the two favorites a difficult affair as the tourney progresses.  Look for our report on the first round to appear tomorrow.

We here append the two games by Marshall mentioned above.


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