Sunday, July 28

Rice Chess Club tournament: Capablanca, Duras adjourn crucial game after 46 moves; Cuban one pawn ahead in Rook endgame

The two players touted from the beginning for top honors at the Rice Chess Club Summer Masters' Tournament met at last yesterday when Oldrich Duras of Prague faced tourney leader José R. Capablanca of Havana.  Neither Duras, with a score of 5-0, nor Capablanca, at 11-0, has yet to cede even half a point, a circumstance that must of necessity change in the wake of their meeting.  Playing before a throng of spectators so large that the Rice Club was forced to charge admission to the premises, the Bohemian Master essayed the Queen's Gambit against his Latin foe, the result being a fairly even contest that began to tip in favor of Capablanca after his capture of a pawn at the 31st move.  The game was adjourned a dozen moves thereafter in a position in which Capablanca, with Rook and three pawns, held a one pawn advantage over Duras, who had a Rook and two pawns remaining.  That material balance was also seen in the recent Adair-Beynon encounter from the eighth round, a contest that finished a draw.  Expert opinion seems divided on the question of whether Capablanca will prove able to wrest the full point from his mighty adversary; today's eagerly-awaited resumption of play will provide the answer.  We present the moves made to date:

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